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SLIA | Design Competition |Sustainable Energy Authority Head Quarters Related: Sustainable Energy Building.
Build Awards | Best Sustainable Building Architecture Practice - Sri Lanka.
Build Awards | Best Completed Governmental Interior Design Project (Sri Lanka): Interior for Government Housing.


earchitectstudio, is a dynamic team, of professionals. We believe all what we design and also build, can be complementary to nature and be a part of the natural process too. Subsequently, it will help the buildings to meet the human demands, and also to solve the built environment related issues.

Philosophy | “Nature is the foundation of life.”

Vision | “Human Habitations to become a positive contribution to Nature.”

Mission | “Innovate to complement Natural Processes.”

Suresh, Edirisooriya.A.T.

Principal Architect | AIA (SL), RIBA, M.Sc. (Arch), B.Sc. (B.E.) Hons.

Suresh, set the vision for earchitectstudio with the experience working locally and internationally as an Architect and as a Partner in Lighting Planning. Exploring new knowledge and innovation being the passion, he served as a Senior Lecturer at University of Moratuwa from 2014-2019 and currently a visiting lecturer for both University and City School of Architecture.

Lakhani De Zoysa

Consultant/ Interior Architect |B.A. (Interior Architecture), GreenSL (AP).

Lakshani, being a nature lover, an explorer love to bring nature in to interiors and concerned on the indoor air quality of spaces. With the past experience of working in luxury interiors and manufacturing she makes sure interior finishes are with high precision.

Saubhagya Samaraweera

Project Head / Project Coordinator | B.Arch.

Saubhagya is a nature lover, a knowledge seeker, a music lover and a percussion player who loves relationships over another. Working with traditional and modern building concepts and design developments in is carrier he keeps a tab on every project of the studio or while they are at site.

Tharindu Ariyasinghe

Jr. Project Architect |B.Arch.

Nature Lover, Contemporary and Post-Modernist abstract painter, Water Color Illustrator, Contemporary Thinker who look forward for a nature driven future. Minimalist buildings complements nature and sustainability is a core when designing.


Our collaboration with Local and International Industry leaders is the success for our learning, innovations and designs. We met interesting and very creative teams who aspires with great care and passion; Corporate Clients, Consultants and also Prestigious Private Clients.

Heerim, Seoul, South Korea.

We provided Local Consultancy Services for the Korean Ambassadors Residence project with a Collaboration of Heerim.

Uli Licht Planner, Stuttgart, Germany.

International brands of clothing and vehicle showroom lighting planning broadened our imaginations and creativity.

Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Edifice works with in many project ranging from residential to Villas and Institutional. Also an Initiating and a key consultant in winning Sustainable Energy Authority Project.

URO Structural Consultants Pvt Ltd.

URO works with us in many project ranging from Residential, Villas and Institutional. Also a key consultant in winning Sustainable Energy Authority Project.

Cost Management Services Pvt. Ltd., SL

CMS is the cost consultant for the winning Sustainable Energy Authority Project.

Haritha Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Haritha was one of our consultancy partners for the winning Sustainable Energy Authority Project.

Embassy of Republic of Korea

Working together with Heerim Architects, Seoul, Korea to realize Korean Ambassador’s Residence project in Colombo 07.

Nestle PLC

Nestle is one of the first clients/well-wishers for our projects as budding architects by during preschools for Tsunami affected areas. 2006 CIDA awards also recognized the Nestle Preschool for Ranna by recognizing the construction.

Lions Clubs International 306A1

We do work hand in hand with the Lions Clubs as our CSR projects to serve the needy and to bring equality to the society.

Ben Holdings

Re-Designing Hotel Sapphire and attending to Concord Grand was a unique experience.

Orel Corporation (Private) Limited

For the First time in Sri Lanka Orel introduced an Unmanned Store to Sri Lanka at One Galle Face 05-01is one of the unique experiences and we are proud that we could be a part of the same as the Principal Consultant designing and execution of the interior.

Interior Design for the Mt. Lavinia Shop was an interesting and yet a challenging task as the space was limited and the new facelift that was required.

Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority

For the First time in Sri Lanka Orel introduced an Unmanned Store to Sri Lanka at One Galle Face 05-01is one of the unique experiences and we are proud that we could be a part of the same as the Principal Consultant designing and execution of the interior.

Hotel Sapphire

Proposed additions and alterations were done to make the Hotel one of the hot spots in the city for dining and for events. Accommodation is for a budget rate to attract the tourist for best services in the convenient urban location.

Sri Lanka Army

We are working hand in Hand with the Sri Lanka Army for an Officer’s Mess with a greater vision. This Facility will accommodate many facilities which could cater and serve the Officers with greater respect.

Sri Lanka Telecom

We are a registered Service provider/Supplier for SLT-Mobitel.

University of Moratuwa

Projects of University of Moratuwa was a give back for the best times of the life spent as a student and as an academic engaging in the process of learning every day.

LJ Energy

LJ-Energy was collaborator for the SLSEA competition project with the Haritha Consultants where earchitectstudio was the Principal Consultant.

Urban Housing Development Authority

The project of the government housing interior was social responsibility project where we wanted open the eyes of the public for the elegant living despite of affordability. This project was rewarded with an award in 2021.

InspireLi Awards

We collaborate as an International Juror for the InspireLI awards, appositive contribution towards student Design Journey.


We believe innovative thinking can makes what we built complementing the natural process and even ready to learn from it. Project got different needs yet we are in search of the link towards nature and its process.

Smart Design Built

Convenience, Transparency, and open for bids from client’s trusted contractors for our design. Our expertise and supervision is to make the project feasible in terms of time cost and quality.

Responsible Architecture

We love to generate ideas for sustainable designs. Wining competitions and awards are the best endorsements, we innovate and design with a purpose rather than just beauty.

Innovative Interior Design

Indoor air quality is a key concern in interiors, we want to heal your body and please your eye too.

Consortium Services

We partner with other consultants to provide consortium services.

Architecture | Structural | MEP | QS | Landscape | TIA | Solid Waste | etc.

Product Design

Some unique spaces needs a unique touch as everything is an experience and a memory.

Lighting O Luminaire Design

One of the vital steps to make building energy efficient and generate a pleasing experience through space while avoiding pollution.

Research & Development

We love when we got a new idea and making things better in performance and in experience.


The nature of the project is never a barrier for creativity, only the potential that maters which opens us to do the best for the context, activities and the user with a purpose. Working within constrains and working with other dedicated consultants is what we enjoy the most to bring out the best potential of a project.


Designs should complement the planet, the nature in the first place. In terms of challenging the designing mind and creative barriers we welcome different architectural languages to meets its best potential of a project and innovations are always admired.

Interior Design

Our focus is to design healthy indoor environments. We believe aesthetics has no value if it doesn’t have a meaning and everything doesn’t have to be modern and innovative, sometimes traditions could add more value to your spaces.

Product Design

Spaces related products is the range that we focuses on. Luminaires, Furniture and Objects could bring a unique flavor with the innovative designs.


To solve issues of spaces and affordability is major concerns yet reinventing the space with latest technology is something we love to do as yesterday’s concepts could become the future reality.


“earth” is the foundation, and the eco system which brings life to all species.

The earth Foundation try brings life in to related field and enrich the expectations.

Universe | Knowledge

Teaching | Public talks | Workshops | Carrier Guidance | etc.

We lean every day and keen in sharing what gathered among public, students and other in many different ways for the advancement of the society. When we all know it makes us move forwards as a Community, Society and as a Nation.

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Streams | Webinars

We love to have a chat with achievers in all areas, we consider students the most as they are the future. Further we hope to bring the best inspirations together.

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Soil | Scholarships

We love to see everyone is going an extra mile. If you need help Click here and reach us. We will evaluate the request and engage you with our best capacity.

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Flock | Volunteers

We believe being present at the right place at the right to change someone’s life is the best we could do within this life time.

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Passion makes us achieve better! Reach us and be updated.



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